Cuplock Formwork and Scaffolding

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Cuplock upright, the ends of the horizontal elements that join at the node point between the cup bowl and the cup nut welded on the pipe. 4 horizontal elements are locked between the nut and the bowl at the same time by making a downward motion with a hammer blow on the cup nut. It has high strength and even load distribution. 4 horizontal elements are connected at a 90 ° angle with a connection point. Two pillars are combined with a sleeve. The extension of the extension allows up to 50 cm height in the formwork scaffolding. It is manufactured in two sizes, 25 cm and 50 cm. It can be locked and unlocked.

Horizontal elements, the horizontal element series of the locked scaffolding system enable the floor scaffolding to be supported by very variable square or rectangular trusses. Since the horizontal element ends do not have bolts or wedges, it saves considerable time and labor in the scaffold assembly. The diameter of the pipe used in horizontal elements is Ø48×2,5mm.

There are high strength and even load distribution at the connection points (knot). 4 horizontal elements are connected at a 90 ° angle with a connection point. Two struts are connected with a sleeve.
Vertical elements are made of 48 x 3.0 mm industrial pipe;

Horizontal elements are manufactured from 48 x 2.5 mm industrial pipe.

The lower bowl is made of 5 mm sheet and the upper bowl is made of ductile iron material. Our products are painted with special anticorrosion. It is galvanized on demand. Vertical elements are manufactured as 75, 100, 150, 200, 250 and 300 cm as standard and horizontal elements are manufactured as 50, 100, 150, 200, 250, 300 cm as standard. All kinds of projects are produced in accordance with the production.

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