Tower Type Formwork Scaffolding – Hive Scaffolding System

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Hive Tower Type Carrier Scaffolding systems to any connection apparatus (wedge, pin, cup etc.)

and therefore easily snap and snap together without the need for hammering

Established. Installation as the tower system provides a horizontal connection every 50 cm due to its structure

There is no need to use an auxiliary ladder during installation.

The system has high strength (150KN / tower carrying capacity)

Tower Type – 48 x 3.00 mm industrial pipes are used as standard in hive piers.

40 x 60 x 2,00 mm profile or 48 x 2,50 mm industrial pipe is used as spacer.

Standard sizes are 1000 x 500 and 1200 x 500 mm.

Towers measuring 1.0 m – 1.0 m or 1.20 m – 1.20 m are created depending on the floor thickness.

H Type tower scaffolding are used with starting and ending elements.

To fine tune, 38 x 600 mm upper and lower spindles are used.

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