Industrial Curtain and Column Patterns

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Wooden Beam Formwork System is used as curtain, circular curtain, single face curtain, column and adjustable column formwork in different structures such as industrial buildings, infrastructure constructions, high-rise buildings, bridge legs, residential constructions and retaining walls. Formwork system consists of 3 main elements: plywood, H20 wooden beam and steel belt. The mold is put on the scale with the buttresses which have the feature of pushing and pulling. Concrete pressure is met by Tie-Rod shaft, Tie-Rod nut and steel belts.

Safe and easy concrete pouring is provided with the working console. The system is designed by our company according to your mold projects. In our designs, fresh concrete pressure of 50 kN / m² in curtains and 90 kN / m² in columns is taken into consideration. As the board sizes increase, mold circulation speed increases. Since the mold surface is wide and flat, a smooth concrete surface is obtained. It is possible to create special section or circular column forms with reservation elements. Smooth and quality surfaces are obtained with less labor.

It is economical, useful and fast. Automatic gas welding machines are used in our production. The system is special anti-rust painted, it is also covered with galvanized upon request. Wooden Beam Formwork System is a flexible system that can be adapted to different projects and strengths. It is possible to solve your different projects by using the same parts. NPU100 U iron is used in steel belts.

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