Mobile Scaffolding

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Mobile-mobile tower scaffolding is a light and robust scaffolding system that can be installed with a small number of scaffolding elements. Scaffolding consists of a chassis with 4 swivel castors with brakes, a scaffold body and a working platform. Max. With a height of up to 11 meters, it can be used in all working environments. 3 or 4 scaffold groups can be brought together to form a long working platform. It is the ideal scaffolding system for lighting, electricity, gas and water installation installations, roof insulation and repairs, suspended ceiling installations, paint and insulation repair works of high altitude exterior facades in high ceilings. It is manufactured from 1 ” (34mm) pipe and has a very strong structure that is light but does not oscillate.

provides high work safety. As it is modular, it provides convenience in transportation and storage. It is painted with two layers of top coat paint against corrosion. The metal platforms (Kalas), which form the platform on which the staff works, are manufactured with 2mm sheet holes and embossed and possible personnel slipping and falling events on the platform are prevented.

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